the transformation.

loving life

3 weeks ago my best friend was home for Christmas. we had talked before about me writing a blog post for her website. I hadn’t followed through though, mostly because I was scared. Scared to feel. Scared to share my deepest secrets with strangers. Even more scared to share those secrets with my best friends. I told her I’d do the blog. Didn’t commit to a time frame. We sat and talked for a while, drank coffee, laughed. Almost got matching tattoos… a normal sunday, right?

I’ve known her since kindergarten. Mary Margaret. my longest, deepest friendship. She inspires me in ways no other person can. unexpectedly, I went home after our coffee date and started writing immediately. 45 minutes later and I emailed her with a finished blog post.

I wasn’t expecting the response it got. 3,000 hits in less than 3 days. that number boggles my mind. friends I hadn’t talked to in years were reaching out. professors from college were expressing their pride to me. I was floored.

this weight I never knew I had, immediately lifted from my shoulders. 

initially, it kind of scared me that literally everyone in my life suddenly knew I struggled with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety. but the shame melted away and I was free. it was like walking on eggshells with a smile. I am the happiest I have ever been. everyday I have more energy.

so I have started a blog, mostly for myself, but anyone can read. I have missed writing. and getting my thoughts out is so freeing. I encourage everyone to do it. you can see my first blog post “background” from earlier this month.



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2 Responses to the transformation.

  1. mom4quinn says:

    So flippin’ beautiful. Inside. Out. And all around. Much love always. OxxO


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