adulting (verb).

Adulting (verb): the process of becoming an adult; by failing, with the help of others, or through self discovery. 

This weekend one of my best friends turned 26 and had a dinner party. Many of my friends since elementary school were there and we got into a conversation about our most influential teachers. We went to a Catholic school in Minneapolis that has an amazing creative arts program. I believe the teachers there made me the woman I am today, and I kick myself for never telling them that. We discussed how these teachers showed us how to grow up, how to study the right way, how to be individuals. They cared about us. They taught us more about life than about the Declaration of Independence. They took us aside and whispered words of confidence.


I remember once in 8th grade during a class activity, when you stand up for what “side” you believe in, I was standing alone. I looked around but stayed standing, even though I felt alone and weird without my friends. My history teacher Ms. Murphy said in front of the whole class “Katie, I am proud of you for standing up for what you believe in, you are a strong woman”. She made me proud to have my own beliefs, and to this day I remember it and feel her kind words in my heart.

The best teachers I had pushed me harder than anyone else, because they believed in me, and I wanted to make them proud. I still do. They taught me that a whole and happy person is complete in mind, body, and spirit, and they fulfilled all those needs in our classroom. They taught us not to take shortcuts in life, to not cheat, to respect other people, and to respect ourselves.

They are the reason I coach hockey now, so I can try to make a difference. Yes I teach them a game, but I teach them about life too; how to work hard, never give up, and be part of a team. Even if I only change one life in the 50 girls I’ve coached so far, this world can be a better place. We complain about how horrible the world is, but some of us aren’t doing anything about it. We need to participate in the culture change! Get involved people! 


So I challenge you to reflect on those who influenced you the most growing up. These are the people who made you who you are today. Did you thank them? Many of my favorite teachers have retired but I am trying to find out how I can mail them thank you cards.

I believe this world needs more “thank you’s”

So, thank you to my teachers, coaches, coworkers, friends, and family. I am so grateful. more than any thank-you note could never say.


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  1. mom4quinn says:

    I love the title. I’m still learning the art of adulting. OxxO

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