Everyone has scars. Physical scars from accidents. Emotional scars from traumas. Stretch marks from these wonderful bodies we have lived and grown in. Beauty marks and moles we are born with. Tattoos of pictures we love and ink on our skin. Painful memories burned in our minds we will never forget.


Everyone has a story. Some hide it and carry it with them. Others decide to share this pain, this real honest life, with the world.

I have decided to share the pain.

My pain used to be so much baggage. Some days it was a light duffel bag, others it was like a 60 pound hiking pack. This blog is my escape. I do it for myself. Sharing it in a public way had taken the shame away from my eating disorder, my depression, my anxiety. I feel like a normal human being again.

Everyone has a story. You never know what another person is battling inside. Be Kind. Strangers don’t typically tell you if they have cancer, or if a love one just died. The pain can be so unbearable that even a mean look from a stranger at a coffee shop can ruin a day. Understand that your actions can affect someone, in a positive or negative way.

Don’t let your story determine who you are. Don’t let your past become your present. Don’t let your old scars become new wounds. Find someone to talk to. Let go of some baggage. Don’t worry about “unloading” it on somebody, because there are a ton of great friends out there who love to listen and want to help you. We only get one life. Don’t you want it to be the best damn life ever? So let’s do it. Scars and all.



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self discovery through self love
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