in the midst of my chaotic life, I have never felt so supported.

I have amazing family, friends, coworkers, teammates.

I get texts, calls, emails, and facebook messages daily wishing me well. I get smiles, hugs, and encouragement at work when I don’t feel well. My parents cook me meals and offer to do my errands. My whole extended family helped me move apartments last weekend. My coworkers donated vacation time because I didn’t have enough for my surgery.

I want to thank you for this. This support keeps me going.


However, this is only half the support you need in life. the other half must come from within. the only way you grow, sustain, live, and breathe is from pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself. this comes from years of lessons, of pain, of tears, and of struggle. it comes from not having support of others at times. it comes from needing more support from others at times.


The hardest part for me is accepting the support. I am a very stubborn person and try to do things on my own, even when everyone can see I need help. I push myself too hard and often fail before asking for help, this is just the way I am. Sometimes I dig myself into such a deep hole that I can’t even tell I need help and someone needs to literally shake me into realizing the situation.

Know your limits. Hopefully those closest to you know your limits too. Be honest with yourself. You aren’t perfect. Don’t set unrealistic expectations on yourself. Ask for help if you need it. I am willing to bet many of your friends are sitting there waiting to help you. We alone are responsible for the energy and positivity we put out in the world and it comes from within. if what we are putting out isn’t up to par the world won’t change.

my motto is “team work makes the dream work” -John Maxwell. we need to work together to change anything. but remember, you are an important part of that team. find the support you need to change this world. this world needs you.



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3 Responses to support.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully written Katie.
    Almost seven years ago I went through the most horrific time of my life.
    I continue to live it each day…not as acute…but always there.
    The support I received from others…my husband (although he too was suffering so) my family and friends saved me.
    Phone calls…visits…cards in the mail…emails…something as simple as a hug…a touch on the arm or a smile from a co-worker while walking down the halls at work were miraculously therapeutic.
    I’m not sure what state of mind I would be in…even to this day…without all of the above.
    But yes…you are correct in saying that you must also dig deep into yourself and look at yourself objectively.
    I was the perfectionist…the strong one…the ‘go to’ person…always wore a smile.
    But no…now I was the human who was hurting beyond words…who needed the help instead of helping.
    I know I frightened co-workers who saw me cry…to see my smile gone..unsure as to how to approach me.
    I frightened my husband as he found me on the floor in the fetal position.
    It’s so difficult…but you get up off of the floor…you breath deeply…you realize that in order to continue…you must step by step…little by little regain the strenght you once had.
    My regret is that my co-workers never saw that…as I left the hospital before I was back in that state of mind.
    Am I the same person I was…no…and I never will be.
    But I am as close to that person as I will ever be.
    My changes ?…I don’t sweat the small stuff…I live for my family and relationships…material things aren’t important…my faith in our Lord and the heavens above.
    And yet…I still need the support…but from myself as well as others.
    You are an incredible person with so much to give.
    But don’t forget to take.
    Wow…I so didn’t mean to go on like this…but it has really been so very therapeutic.
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending prayers your way.
    Take care dear Katie ❤️❤️❤️

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    • khirsch27 says:

      that was beautiful! thanks for the kind words. the amazing people in my life have reminded me it’s ok to ‘take’ as well as ‘give’. and also look deep in myself for hope. did you want to remain anonymous with this comment? it meant so very much to me 💗

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully written my friend. I will be praying for you.


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