we waste time. we lose time. we try to save up time. we run out of time. we worry about time that has already happened. we worry about time that hasn’t happened yet. all while time is going on and we aren’t even living it.


the past 2 weeks while recovering from surgery, having an abundance of time, has made me think a lot. as a nurse I’m always on my feet, there is always something to do, someone to help. when I have spare time, say 2 weeks off work to “heal”- I don’t know what to do with myself. watching 3 seasons of ER isn’t exactly my cup of tea (although it was fun). most of my time is spent at my jobs-nursing and coaching. but when I’m not at work- where would my time be best spent? am I making the most of my time?

we live in such a busy world, we run from place to place doing errands. we multitask to try to save time up. I have seen so many of my cancer patients run out of time. we spend our time texting and tweeting instead of spending physical time with our loved ones.


I don’t think we realize that time is our best gift. we don’t know how much we have of it. we never know when the last time we will see our loved ones. time is so pure. use your time wisely and be present. tell your friends you appreciate them. tell your mom you love her. read a book, read 10 books. walk around the lake. take pictures. sit at the table when you eat, and actually taste your food. travel. buy yourself something nice. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY! take a nap. go for a quiet drive. make a homemade meal. listen to some music.

don’t waste your time. spend your time doing things you will want to remember in 50 years on your death-bed. or if, God-forbid, your time comes early, I hope you can sit there on your hospice bed and think to yourself “I didn’t waste a damn moment”.



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